Welcome to Matriarchy!

You are the Empress of a small, loyal country deep in the Hengduan mountains. Amongst your people, women hold the power and property. Your society is stable, peaceful, and poor.

But these are tumultuous times, and your nation's survival is far from certain. The Tang Dynasty of China and the Tibetan Empire, locked in a cold war, both encroach on your territory and culture. Trade and war alike bring foreign influences into your lands. Will your people thrive or perish, prosper or assimilate?

Your choices will make the difference.

Matriarchy is a social game of politics and diplomacy, set in a semi-fictional Medieval Asia. We are now in public beta, so not all features have been implemented and there may be bugs, typos, and mistakes. To play, log in above using either Facebook or Twitter. Don't worry, we won't post to your feed without asking permission first.

If you have any questions about the game please don't hesitate to contact us.